EP - Birds Among The Lines

by emmy Curl

There's a wistle resting in the top of your hill and a cat lurking under your huge navy skirt oh your heart is so imense why don't you tell him that's getting hard and hard to breathe wihout him beeing I saw him cast his love over the ocean and a tear flying in this direction uhhh I made this waltz for you so you can be less shy tell him why his sky is now all deep in blue the winter has also fall in love for you built some seafire and cast yourself at the wind Tell him write him that you love himtry to tell him i'll try to tell you that i love you @2009
there is an empty road leading to nowhere there's water that floats and lights get born there mother of a lonely life having chilldren with no return Love is her brain and only her heart beating Hermaphrodite reproducing once and once again in love with dark but giving birth to light again Time will pass but this is a timeless afair Is the way the wave goes under water in a passion to share Song of Origin stocked in this margin Silent gun, stone heart protecting the armor of fear silver as moon cruel as it goes with fire Never ending never ending @2009
Mine 03:24
Pack your bags and come with me you and i had already seen what we meant to be I still don't understand that look in your eyes but we both know where this history is gonna take us And I say, and I say in my deep state of love 2x That you are mine Altough i only saw you twice those days were full of chimestry and even after our explicit looks I still think that your mind is full of mysteries @2007
Here i go wait for me wind i'll go with you here i am don't cry don't speak I am your help don't remember? you know me from that warm night and now i'm here to read you another story about my ride take me home bring me some water i'm tired, i'm broken and i miss you Turn of the Light you don't need to see me to feel my hands humm you used to sing to me i'm wonder if your voice still's the same i know you're confuse and i hope you don't be ashamed to ask me for where i've been all these years @2007
No Moon 03:10
Today i'll lay myself down and cut the trees that holds my body i'll float, i'll shoot my heart and became a soul hangin on my mind This night I have no moon so i'll shout and pray for you my humble man I can't go without her I have no light to see trough the dark but if i had you in my harms you will share your light with me you would share your warmth with me and the moon wouldn't hurt me like she's hurting me right now


released July 11, 2010


all rights reserved



emmy Curl Copenhagen, Denmark

emmy Curl is a project name from a polymath composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, painter, artist called Catarina Miranda. Everything you see is self-handmade with love.

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